We are proud to announce that Teraco and STULZ won the 2017 DCD Global Award in the category


Dear Juan Pablo,

We are proud to announce that Teraco and STULZ won the 2017 DCD Global Award in the category "Energy Efficiency Improvers" (DCD website).
Last Thursday during a festive gala event the awards were presented to the winners in front of a prestigious audience. At around 11 p.m. almost 700 guests witnessed when the presenter announced: "And the winner is: Teraco". The prize was ceremonially handed over to Brendan Dysel, Head of Infrastructure Management Teraco (in the middle).
With the project "Isando Data Centre 7" Teraco and STULZ proved that even at fluctuating temperature conditions and a lack of reliable energy infrastructure, a maximum of energy efficiency is realizable.

The colocation data center located in Johannesburg, South Africa is equipped with CyberCool 2 chillers and CyberAir 3 units which add to a total cooling power of approximately 2 MW. Due to the excellent cooperation between Teraco and STULZ South Africa, the regulation of the Indirect Free Cooling and the hydraulics were optimally aligned and the pressure loss was minimized even further. By optimizing the switchover points, the system can run in Free Cool mode up to 20° C and hereby achieves outstanding efficiency values.

Besides winning the "Energy Efficiency Improvers Award", STULZ was as well part of another project that was awarded last week. Supercomputing center MareNostrum in Barcelona (to the website) won the prize for "World's Most Beautiful Data Center" which is located in the historical chapel Torre Girona. STULZ was trusted with the realization of its precise and attractive cooling.

We feel honored being recognized by international experts for our products and efforts and are looking forward to facing new challenges!
Best regards

Daniela Schroer
Director Marketing